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International Entrees products provide a more efficient way for you to purchase frozen foods for your family. We distribute only USDA inspected beef that has been aged 21 days to perfection providing you with delicous restaurant-quality steaks.

  • Steaks
  • Chicken
  • Seafood
  • Pork

Our Premium packaging & Delivery

Step 1

We hand-trim our steaks of excess fat and bone so you only pay for what you eat.

Step 3

Next, we flash-freeze our products. This unique process freezes our products in only seconds locking in the steaks’ natural flavor and juices as well as its vitamins and minerals.

Step 2

After trimming, our steaks are then individually vacuum-sealed for your convience ad safety. This allows you to open portios as you need them, thereby elimiatig the hassles and dangers of re-wrapping and re-freezing.

Step 4

Finally, our gourmet products are delivered to your home or office, saving you the inconvenience of lengthy trips to the supermarket.

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